RH Coffee & Tea

RH Coffee & Tea is a space created for you to enjoy an extensive Aruba coffee and breakfast menu, a space for your tranquility and privacy, where you can also hold private meetings with your clients.

Discover the Rich Aromas and Flavors of Aruba Coffee: A Gallery of Gourmet Beans

Aruba Coffee is a specialty coffee that originates from the island of Aruba, located in the southern Caribbean.

This coffee is grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil, which gives it a unique flavor profile. Aruba Coffee is known for its rich, smooth taste with notes of caramel, chocolate, and nutty undertones. It is roasted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality.

Aruba Coffee is produced by a small group of local farmers who are passionate about cultivating high-quality coffee beans.

This coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a well-balanced cup with a touch of sweetness and complexity.